Chesapeake Bay Art

This is Martha. On behalf of the group of artists, scientists, and citizen activists, we welcome you to our website. This website used to be about the art near the Chesapeake Bay. We worked hard to bring you the best arts in the world. Recently, our website has been closed due to severe attack from outsiders. It took us a long time to reopen our site. We took this chance to do a complete redesign. When you are reading this, the design is still going on and the site probably does not look as good. We had to make the hard decision of whether or not to show this site. This version is released because we received a lot of requests for us to come back online.

One more thing, we will be using a lot of Search Engine Optimization on our website to help our potential readers find us more easily. For the time being, that is all you need to know. Peace!

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